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LFI is an exploit of a vulnerability that occurs an input is not properly sanitized. FFN had no parameters when setting up an online account allowing users to create simple passwords, of the 412 million users 900,420 of the user passwords were “123456”.

This means that the page is not protected against directory traversal characters, such as dot-dot-slash, which can lead to code being injected into a path that leads to a file. The main purpose of the security breach seemed to be to harvest private information that was weakly secured. was hacked exposing 4 million accounts which contained sensitive information including sexual preferences and whether a user was looking for an external affair. One of the biggest reasons SHA-1 is vulnerable is because of an exploit called “collision”.

Security experts criticised that site for not doing enough to prevent a repeat breach.

David Kennerley, director of threat research at security software firm Webroot, commented: “This attack on Adult Friend Finder is extremely similar to the breach it suffered last year….

This type of attack would allow the hacker to view local files stored on the server. SHA-1 is a hash function algorithm that encrypts and hides files and data.

Understanding what Local File Inclusion can be tricky, but it is pretty simple to understand. was informed from a variety of sources regarding potential security vulnerabilities. SHA-1 with pepper adds security to a database of hashes because it increases the number of secret values that must be recovered (whether by brute force or discovery) to recover the inputs .

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The breach has not been confirmed by the site’s parent company Friend Finder Networks, which is reportedly looking into claims of yet ahother hack.

One security analyst had previously warned the company of a local file inclusion flaw, and following that warning the hackers were able to run malicious software. A collision occurs when two different message inputs, or passwords, generate the same hash.

That security analyst, known as Revolver, denied any participation in the hack. Hackers can use this collision exploit to their advantage.

Leaked Source has not made the database searchable but has published a breakdown of password frequencies and samples of file schemas from the leaked database to substantiate its claims, which remain unconfirmed but are nonetheless being taken seriously by security firms.

Certificate management firm Venafi claimed that private information such as passwords appeared to have been protected using only the obsolete SHA-1 hashing algorithm.

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