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I didn't have an intention when I joined; I just wanted to see what would happen.Well, with the last few dating apps I've used, I really only wanted a fling.But it's turned into two long-term relationships now.I don't know if only looking for sex actually works.A guy who is in it to sex it, calls, texts, emails and pops-over only when he is feeling frisky and knows that you will indulge his desires.If the sight of your man’s name on your caller ID surprises you, chances are, this is a sex only situation. Because that is the easiest place to, you guessed it… You spend just enough time together for a little foreplay, sex and maybe a nap.I've never had a one-night stand.— Mike, 32OK, ladies, now I get it. While a healthy portion fully admit they want to find love, just as many want sex and only sex.I'm personally shocked I didn't see any “friends with benefits” wishes, but it seems like the guys looking for sex are after something even less committal, opting for one-night stands.

While I did find what I was looking for when I used the app, I also enjoyed the game-like aspect of swiping. (It was the preferred app I'd browse when I was going to the bathroom.)So with that, I guess you could say my intentions on the app were mixed.

You don’t have to play like a virgin, you just need to offer more than T&A.” He told you straight up that he doesn’t want a girlfriend, doesn’t have time for a girlfriend, can’t deal with a girlfriend… Justin, 24 from Oakland says, “Know who you are and be in charge of what you want from the beginning.

If you leave it up to me, then I’m probably going to go for what is easiest…

WARNING: The truth of these clues may sting, but better to know where you stand, than to lay down for too long with the wrong guy, right?

If your guy has a virtual sign up sign up on the weekends, this is a clear sign that he is reserving weekends for someone else on his literal to-do list, or keeping his options open to meet other women.

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Something along the lines of "If you don't like dogs/cats/rabbits/whatever you don't have a soul," is somewhere in her bio.

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It made me feel gross.” Why does exclusivity make such a difference?

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Today, we’ll tell you more about 11 premium dating sites for Canadian singles and their admirers.